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LG Electronics develops battery-run air purifier face mask
Updated: 2020-09-28 09:44:07 KST
Face masks are one of the keys to limiting the spread of COVID-19, but many people experience discomfort wearing them.
To help those people out, South Korea's LG Electronics has developed an air-purifying mask that makes breathing easier.
Park Se-young has the details.
This face mask is battery-powered and provides fresh air.
It comes with two air filters and a case that charges the battery and disinfects the mask with ultraviolet rays.
It was developed by LG Electronics to reduce breathing complications.
At a time when face masks are a necessity, manufacturers have switched their focus to making masks more comfortable without compromising safety.
Meanwhile, environmentalists have raised concerns about the disposal of single-use face masks and other medical waste, of which about 75 percent will end up in landfills or in the sea.
According to LG, all components of the newly developed mask are replaceable and recyclable.
"Disposable face masks can cause serious environmental pollution. Their function is doubtful as they don't perfectly fit on our faces and breathing is the biggest concern."
LG's new face mask is designed based on extensive facial shape analysis to minimize air leakage around the nose and chin.
It also comes with patented respiratory sensors that detect the wearer's breath and adjust fan speed to make breathing effortless.
LG is set to launch the device in the fourth quarter in select markets.
Park Se-young, Arirang News.
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