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Home gardens and rooftops as new holiday destination for Chuseok
Updated: 2020-09-28 06:08:34 KST

"This Chuseok is the first national holiday of the pandemic, people in South Korea are finding ways to escape, without having to travel."

In this quiet room in the city center, all you see are trees and plants.

"We usually see grey buildings and busy streets, but it's all green here. It sets a boundary from my ordinary life and gives me a sense of escape."

This area makes it easy to find some quality "me-time", away from hectic schedules, caffeinated drinks and instant snacks. It's just the place to take it slow, drawing, reading or simply doing nothing.

"My travel plan has been canceled, so I don't think I would've made time to just relax and do my hobbies if I didn't come here today."

Anyone can recreate this green area at home,…with just a few trees or flowers on the balcony, or in any corner of the house.
Home gardening itself could be a family activity too.

For something a bit more active, the rooftop could be the perfect spot.
Looking down at the city and breathing in the cool, crisp autumn breeze, doing yoga on the rooftop can make you feel refreshed without you even having to leave your building.

"Anyone can exercise by following yoga instruction videos online. At first, you could feel awkward about the atmosphere, but let your body and mind flow as you breathe in the air. You will soon feel at home."

With some small renovations, you can enjoy a full day on the rooftop as you would at a hotel.
From picnics to a late night cinema, all you need for this rooftop holiday is just to bring up the furniture.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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