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Apple unveils iPad 8 equipped with 40% faster CPU and enhanced graphics power
Updated: 2020-09-16 05:02:25 KST
Apple has unveiled its 8th-generation version of its basic iPad and colorful iPad Airs at a launch event in the U.S.
While its new 10.2 inch iPad looks exactly the same as last year's model, the new iPad 8 is equipped with a 40 percent faster CPU and providing a two times as much graphics power.
The new iPad Air has a larger 10.9 inch screen, made possible by removing the home button on the front of the device.
The iPad Air 4 is available in three colors.
Apple says the new models will go on sale starting October in the U.S., with the 8th generation iPad retailing for around 330 U.S. dollars.
The new iPad Air will retail for some 600 dollars.
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