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Nonproliferation conference kicks off amid speculation of possible encounter between N. Korea, U.S. officials
Updated: 2019-11-08 08:23:07 KST
The 2019 Moscow Nonproliferation Conference kicked off Thursday evening with a welcoming reception amid speculation of talks between North Korean and U.S. officials.
On the guestlist is Jo Chol-su, director-general of the North American department at North Korea's foreign ministry, as well as U.S. Special Envoy for North Korea Mark Lambert.
Seoul's top nuclear envoy Lee Do-hoon is also there.
During the reception, Jo and Lambert chatted for around five minutes, but it's not known what they talked about.
The two Korean envoys didn't come into contact with each other.
They could meet though as a session on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula will be held tonight.
Jo is due to give a speech on the North's stance regarding denuclearization.
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