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Battlefield training goes high tech with MILES Updated: 2015-06-19 06:18:42 KST

It's a realistic battle simulation -- minus the real bullets -- and it's called MILES, short for Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System.
A training session is underway
at the Korea Combat Training Center in Gangwon-do province.
MILES provides a tactical engagement simulation for direct-fire force-on-force training using laser "bullets" that won't damage the eyes.
The laser guns work just like real ones -- when a soldier pulls the trigger and fires the enemy is hit.

"This beeping sound is telling me I was just attacked by an enemy combatant.
The device attached to my military uniform shows I was shot in my left wrist and that I'm bleeding heavily."

"Knowing when and where I was shot helped me understand my combat capabilities and improve my weak points."

The system logs how many times a soldier's gun is fired, how many times they've been hit and where the solider went.

"By looking at where the soldier was shot and by whom, we can analyze what improvements each individual can make."

The training center brought the system to Korea in 2001, and since then it's been at the forefront of the method with the most sophisticated MILES equipment available.
The center holds simulation drills up to 18 times a year and aims to eventually bring in eight battalions per year, or about 48-hundred soldiers.
Connie Kim, Arirang News, Inje.
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