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  Updated : 2011-09-27 12:00:00 KST
Na Kyung-won Set to be GNP's Nominee for Seoul Mayor
With just one month left until the October by-elections, senior lawmaker Na Kyung-won, is set to become the ruling Grand National Party's official candidate for Seoul mayor.
Party officials say with GNP lawmaker Kim Choong-whan dropping out of the race on Monday, Na will be announced as the GNP's official candidate on Tuesday.
Since declaring her candidacy three days ago, Na took part in various events to meet with citizens of Seoul.
On Monday Na said she will make sure this by-election is to be based on policy, not on mere popularity of candidates or a litmus test on people's approval of the Lee Myung-bak administration.

[Interview : Na Kyung-won, Seoul mayoral candidate
Grand National Party] "The election should be about what the city needs now and also down the road. I promise to run my campaign strictly on the vision and plans that I have for the city."

And at a party's supreme council meeting on Monday, opposition Democratic Party's candidate Park Young-sun said that the focus of this by-election should be on welfare policies for the people of Seoul, not on unregulated spending policies that did not benefit many people.

[Interview : Park Young-sun, Seoul mayoral candidate
Democratic Party] "I believe this election is about people taking action to stop the past ten years of GNP politicians running Seoul. and I also believe candidate Na shares responsibility with former mayors on the city's 25 trillion won in debt."

Meanwhile, independent candidate Lee Seog-yeon, who's running for the pan-ruling camp, proposed a round of policy debates with Park Won-soon who's running for the pan-opposition camp.
Lee called on Park Won-soon to make his positions clear about supporting the relocation of key government ministries out of Seoul, which effectively takes away the city's status as Korea's capital.
And Park Won-soon, after holding a meeting with voters on Monday said the people of Seoul are demanding change which he promises to do so.
Kang Seok-ho, Arirang News.
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